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- About Us -

Our Story.....


    Live Bee, or Die Farm is located in the town of New Boston, NH. Our original family business, Ecosmith Recyclers, Inc, had been relocated to our home town and with the purchase of the land from that business, came 8 acres of  land that was originally used as farm land. As an environmentally focused family, we decided to start a small cut flower patch on the property, in an effort to help support the local pollinators. The first year was a success, and the proceeds from that year helped us to attend bee school, become beekeepers, and buy two of our very own beehives. 

      From then on, we have continued to grow our small flower patch into an acre of sustainably grown flowers! These flowers provide a much needed healthy habitat for our little pollinator friends. A portion of the proceeds from our flowers help us to continue our efforts of building up this habitat, as well as expanding our apiary. 

     We have grown into a wedding venue - Greenhouse on The River, and now offer wedding and event design, as well as host some events here on the farm. We do kindly ask that you schedule an appointment to tour our facilities and gardens, and have a self serve farm store on the property where you can purchase fresh flowers, and herbs during our season.


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